Speaking of Viennese tradition, Hotel Wandl is surely part of it.

The hotel, situated in the heart of Vienna, dates back to 1700, when Court
Chamber Counsellor and Laxenburg Palace Govenor, Jakob Metz, built this
house which was then called "To the Four Seasons". Joseph Georg Daum bought
the house in 1851 and converted it to a hotel. He installed all items of
comfort according to Parisian models. After the opening, one could visit it
against payment and in the first five days 4.700 Viennese admired it.
In 1854, Johann Wandl whose name it carries to this day, bought the hotel.
Later he had an elevator installed, as well as bathrooms - this made the
hotel the most elegant of this times.

An uncountable member of guests have since then enjoyed the harmony of
traditional Viennese hospitality and modern comfort. The guest is confronted
with the history of this house - still owned by the same family - with its
flair, its waruth and conviction which Hotel Wandl endearment to keep
against all fashions and short-lived currents.