541 London Dry Gin

541 London Dry Gin


In the beginning there was GIN


And the friendly relationship with our supplier Horstmar Dungler and his Grinzinger Distille ◼ www.grinzinger-destille.at

Since May 2019, his products have stood for regionality, authenticity and creativity.

We at WANDL were delighted to hear that the Grinzinger Distille is going "mobile". The possibility of creating our own GIN for the hotel has awakened the spirit of discovery and creativity in all of us.

From the idea to our own GIN creation


In July 2021, after several discussions, the time had come. Packed with all the flavours and ingredients, Mr. Dungler and the WANDL management met in Grinzing at the Heurigen (wine tavern) to complete the idea.

The tastes of 5 great colleagues were "poured" into GIN in one session. After only a few blends, smells and impressions, "our" basis was found. Not only the spirit of WANDL, but also Vienna and Austria should be represented in our hotel gin.

Thus, the following exquisite components are obvious to us and juniper berries, orange, apricot and tonka bean meet in our gin.

Why "5-4-1 First Edition"


The next challenge was to find the name for our - in our opinion - successful composition. Our creation bears the crisp name "5-4-1".

When 5 great colleagues mix 4 exquisite ingredients, only 1 excellent product can result > 5-4-1 was born.

We are convinced of this and invite you to try our 5-4-1 First Edition London Dry Gin or give it as a gift.

5-4-1 First Edition, London Dry Gin


Is only available exclusively at Hotel WANDL and the great result of a collaboration between two Viennese institutions.

Visit also the website of our partner and supplier GRINZINGER DESTILLE: www.grinzinger-destille.at.


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