The Hotel Wandl is part of the Viennese history, the monuments Office writes about Wandl: "/../ As a highlight of early historic architecture, the building influenced the most important work (beside the State Opea) of this epoch, the bank and stock exchange building (today's Palais Ferstel)".

The early-historical stucco furnishing creates an ambience of royal flair and is still to see in the breakfast hall.

In 1843, the Ringstrasse Architect Ludwig von Förster planned the Wandl. Since 1850, the Wandl is uninterrupted run as a hotel.

In these over 150 years, one paid attention that the guest was missing nothing. From the very beginning, there were already exclusive baths, the first passenger elevator and a separate diesel generator for electricity (110 volts at that time).

Already at the time of its opening, it was an attraction (even before its opening it has been possible visit against entrance fee, only in the first days, around 47,000 visitors stormed the new hotel - also to make an exciting “lift ride”).

Also today's demands and needs are taken into account; a WLAN network keeps you in touch with the world. The newly installed air conditioning system ensures comfortable temperatures even in summer.

One thing has remained the same: the attention and time our team has for our guests – in that case, the Wandl is not following the mainstream of rationalization.

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