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Old Invoice - Hotel Daum (1851)



A short journey through more than 150 years of history.




What happened....

1843  The building was errected as a residential building, called "Zu den vier Jahreszeiten" at the end of the Biedermeier era.


The residential building "Zu den vier Jahreszeiten" was acquired by Georg Daum and converted into a hotel by the famous architects Eduard Kuschée and Ludwing von Förster.

Ludwig von Förster was well known for his residential buildings in Vienna and one of the architects of the Ringstrasse.

Even before the opening of the Hotel, the Viennese society was interested in visiting the great Entrée to admire the grandeur and the first, electric passanger elevator. Even etrance tickets were sold to get a ride and view of the elavator.


Johann Wandl took over the Hotel and rebuilt the inner courtyard into the "Winter Garden". This glass-ceiling garden was enjoyed by the society of Vienna, with meals served troughout the year until mid-night.

In terms of technology, the WANDL had long been state-of-the art: exclusive bathrooms, electricity in the rooms, and the first electic passanger elevator in Vienna were part of the comfort. The ice-cellar (for cooling the food) in the second basement was the absolute highlight, not only for the employees. It was a smiliar ice-cellar like the Hofburg Palace had these days.

1855 and ongoing... 

Golden times - wars - pandemics: the WANDL and the teams from the past and today, experienced all of them and made the Hotel to a fix star within the Viennese Hotel industry.


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